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The power of massage therapy


We used to think of the massage as a relaxation method or SPA procedure and so we strogly underestimate this powerful tool. Firstly, it is a preventive measure that helps us to maintain well-being, muscle tone, allow us to prolong youth, to keep hight level of energy.  Hence, massage therapy should be threated as a relaxation method, preventive measure or in the best case as a desease treatment.

How are we tend to spend our free time that we have after working day? Typical citizen spends at least eight hours sitting in the office, some more goint to and out of it and finnaly one ends up on a couch in front of TV trying to rest after hard working day. The true is that we are too much passive phisically nowadays. No surprice, neck  and back pain has became almost norm today. To stay healthy we must move our body – simple as that. To move or to be active – it is not some accosional event, it is our lifystyle, or bettter say, it should be our lifestyle.

Passive lifestyle do cause us health problems. One of the best method  to resolve this (beside of changing our routine or passive habits!) is a massage treatment as it requires no pharmaceuticals. And so, inappropriate lifestyle is not the only case for a massage treatment. We tend to think that we only need a treatment if we do feel some kind of pain, like neck or back pain. However, the treatment is being applied in so many other cases like: tendon disorders, soft tissue or joint injuries, hand or leg fractures, spine curvature disorders, peripheral system diseases, articular disorders, cardiovascular diseases, cases after surgeries. Often massage treatment is applied during rehab, to restore and activate weakened muscles.

Newer think drug is the best aid to resolve the problem. Pharmaceuticals do help to reduce the pain the required moment, but it can not help if you already have chronic pain. Professional specialist has to find the cause of the disease and apply the most effective treatment accordingly. Even very few sessions of healing massage treatment have noticeable impact: higher level of energy, lighter feeling of body, higher flexibility, reduced or even removed pain. Not to mention great mood after the procedures! No secret, chronic pain changes humans mind state and behavior, one becomes irritable, nervous, often feels tired, unwilling to do any favorite activity, which can even lead to depression. Of course, the pain can even become more intensive after the first session, but the therapeutic will note about it. Few days might be needed for the patient to feel relief.

Personal experience is more convincing than words. When no pharmaceuticals but profesional hands helped me to fix curved spine and to maintain good state later on, I then did starte to treat massage therapy as a real treatment, not just as a SPA procedure. The therapeutic heals my body with the hands, I add some healthy habits to my lifestyle, and so it is not so difficult any more to enjoy new better life!