Balanz massasje Oslo om Hand-magic

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Can hands make miracles?


The answers for this question will naturally come as soon as you have your very first visit with a qualified massage specialist. No doubts – hands do make „magic“.

Massage, as a discipline, was found in an ancient times. It was developed along with other traditional medicine methods. Based on last few dacades data, massage was used in China even 2500 years before Current Era. Impressive number, isn‘t it? Hence, need for a massage treatment and it‘s healing power was understood even then. Never the less this kind of treatment is still popular nowadays. This alone is a proof that the hands of experienced massage therapists do make miracles, they are capable of healing diseases, helps to feel better physically and mentally, maintains good mood and youth.

It is essential to understand that only the professional, who has knowledge of human anatomy, biomechanics of human movement is capable of giving the massage that helps to relax, relieves or even remove the pain. It is essential for the specialist not only to have the knowledge, but rather to comprehend it, and so that makes the specialist the valuable one. After all, we can always ask for a massage our family members, but the question is – will that kind of massage be effective? Don’t be confused – massage requires knowledge, practice and willingness to help people, that makes it impossible to be given by random people. Having a contact with a person being means sharing one’s energy. Therapist must be careful, attentive, friendly and tactful to his patient. His behavior must be calm, inspiring confidence.

There are many kinds of massages. The most common known is classic massage. The typical patient first time entering the massage clinic’s door and having no clue of the treatment will commonly ask for a classic massage. This is when you can test the real therapist. The thing is that patient is not the one who places the order, but the professional is the one who estimates patient’s current health state and based on that selects relevant massage techniques to get the best possible result for a particular problem. Massage science is a holistic approach, which means, that the therapist can change and combine several different techniques even during the treatment, on the other words, the therapist always adjusts one’s actions to the situation. Balance of variety of different techniques – this is what allows massage to be rather healing than just relaxing tool.

The most important choice patient can do – choice of good specialist. The one will make “magic” with the hands, that patient will feel after very first procedure. The pain will relieve or be removed, the mood will improve, the energy will arise. Massage is a natural way to heal.